FC Indiana at Columbus Eagles

If you're a golf fan, there's a lot to catch your attention in the coming weeks...


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Requiem for a defender

The path to greatness in the world of women's soccer is fraught with...


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Think you know your soccer?

There's more to the game than running and shooting...


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Our Mission:

​Our goal is to develop an intelligent player - one who can respond intuitively to any game situation with the right technique while at the same time make the correct tactical decision under pressure with speed, flair, and imagination. 

All FC Indiana players/teams are challenged to train and play “age up” in order to face challenges that lead to development of their abilities.
At the youth level, we believe that individual and team development are the keys to our player’s long term success and winning is of secondary importance.  

​The philosophy of FC Indiana is that it is not important to be the best in your own category at that age, but to meet resistance every training session by competing against older, physically stronger and better opponents.  
To help players develop, we put them in a position to experience small successes. We then encourage them to perform tasks or take on responsibilities we know they can handle and do well. We give them the guidance and direction they need to succeed. In due time they will take on more difficult challenges and they will be able to face them with confidence and competence.

We're always looking for talented players. If you'd like to visit our training or join us, please contact us. 



About Us

Kelsi Krichbaum

An exciting dribbler with an abundance of pace, the winger has the ability to unlock defenses with...

Olivia Hansen

Hard working and confident in possession, Olivia has an eye for a killer pass and is confident in...

Hallie Hedman

Tall, strong and good on the ball, the right-footed center back is a pillar of composure and stability...